Central Cross, Croydon

Client: 3 Ace UK Ltd
Type: Residential
Apartments: 90
Construction: Existing building, new facing brickwork, rainscreen cladding and balconies
Status: Completed July 2017

This existing 1970s former office block was converted and expanded by the addition of a rooftop extension to provide 90 apartments for Inspired Asset Management. The apartment style is based upon their compact, micro-flat typology and includes both one and two bedroom options with open plan living areas. The style is typical of mass developments built in London at the time.

The existing building has been converted within the original footprint to provide 82 apartments, through Permitted Development. The additional 8 apartments were provided within a new build single storey extension to the roof, comprising of terraces and communal external areas. The original envelope was completely overhauled with new facing brickwork and cladding, together with the remodelled atrium and new balconies. All new works, including extension and envelope upgrade, were carried out under a Full Planning Consent.